Crystal Doty




About Crystal

As an uneducated teen mother alone and on welfare, it didn't look like Crystal would amount to much. She struggled in every area of her life, especially with her self esteem and confidence until a series of mystical events began to occur. She began to walk a very private and mystical journey that lead her out of poverty, abuse, betrayal and suffering and into a life filled with magic, mysticism, and a bliss she had never known before. She went on to receive a Medical Assisting Degree, Masters in Bio-Energetics and Nutrition before becoming a Reiki Master, Certified Life Coach, and "Mother of Journey" through the Native American Church (NAC). For the past 20 years, Crystal has developed an unshakable and undeniable relationship and connection with Nature and the Divine. Today, she uses her vast array of knowledge, skills, wisdom, experience, and intuition to mentor and assist thousands of people rise above their limitations, negativity, and past hurts. With a cool balance between western medicine from her education and ancient influences from her ancestors, Crystal IS the MODERN MYSTIC. 

Crystal currently lives in the vast beautiful deserts of Arizona with her two older boys, two kitties, and her spirit animal -a rescue Husky named Ruby.  She frequents the mystical vortexes of Sedona and enjoys the freedom to work from her lovely home while continuing to write articles, blogs, and her upcoming book, "What Would Goddess Do?"

Libra sun, Cancer moon, Capricorn Ascendant.

Modern MYsticism


What is a Modern Mystic?

It is both a privilege and an honor to bring forth the mysticism of the ages and translate/make relevant these time honored gifts so that we can use them today, in this century, for the good of all. My mission with these projects is to bring to light the magic of our ancestors, and educate those who are interested that there is nothing scary or dark about these tools. After all of my research on the tarot, astrology, crystals, and my background in natural medicine, I have come to the conclusion that the only thing that is scary is our misguided interpretations of these things. Much of the information we have about mysticism comes from the dark ages (along with the Bible which before it was translated a few times was also quite gothic and violent)- a time when death, hangings, destruction, and the devil was very much the language and mind state. We do not speak or live that way anymore and so it is through deep meditation, education, and experience, I feel confidant I can bring to you an evolved, useful, practical, enlightened form of mysticism. Tools that are available to everybody- not just the "psychics" or gypsies. Every single person who wishes to experience a connection to their Creator and gain deeper clarity into their life should have access to these tools regardless of religion or demographic. Some of us have been fearlessly and shamelessly dabbling in it. Even with the horror and misunderstanding of those around us who are too scared to touch our past, we've been willing to look crazy, misguided, or even evil. But I am here to remind us all that there were times when herbs, oils, cards, and crystals were once a practical and useful go to. The moons were our calendar, the stars were our map. We knew Mother Earth and we accepted "daily bread" from the heavens. Without this kind of connection, we go hungry. I see so many people starving for depth. I feel that much of  this world is suffocating human hearts that long to gaze at the sky and feel magic and true love with no sales strategy or down payment for it. I am here to remind us that history repeats itself and while often times this is not a good thing- allowing the wisdom from those who came before to help us reconnect to our souls is the medicine we need. Especially in these times. This my friends, is the new age of mysticism. When the knowledge and wisdom from our history comes full circle to drive us forward- that is balanced evolution. This is the magic we all feel is missing from our lives. I am here to add to what many have already started, and join hands with others who feel called in this direction to welcome modern mysticism to the world.

Are You a Modern Mystic?

Do you constantly feel a pull towards developing a deeper connection to the earth and to your Creator? Do you often see repetitive numbers like 11:11 or other signs in synchronicity? Are you attracted towards things like astrology, crystals, natural ways of healing, or the supernatural? Do you have premonitions, or intuitive hunches about things only to see that you were right? Does your heart long for a deeper meaning and are you searching for your life's purpose? If you are nodding your head right now, chances are YOU are a modern day mystic, waking up to your gifts and spiritual journey! Congratulations and welcome!

How To Further Your Journey Into Mysticism

Everyone's spiritual journey is different. However, over the past 20 years of observing so many people awake and arise to their enlightenment, there are some commonalities I've noticed. First, it seems as though the path to your spiritual purpose begins with a lot of self development and inner healing. Spending time understanding why you are the way you are and forgiving your past is necessary. Then, I notice people go through a cleansing period- where they shift out of certain negative relationships and situations because they want peace more than they want drama. Finally, it seems to me that an inner calling is felt from within the heart of the mystic. You sort of feel like the needs of others and the planet are more important than your own, and so you begin the process of balancing your own self love with love towards the world. You begin to focus on service and being a channel of the grace you have worked on attaining. I believe that my mentorships are the best ways to give you access to the support, tools, and experiences required to help you through your own personal journey. If you are feeling the call... reach out.. let's talk.