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Introducing Crystal's Brand new program!!!

Release Your Ex & Move Forward With Love


Did you know that you can stay energetically connected to past lovers? Long after the relationship, marriage, or fling is over, you carry their energy!  Over time, it becomes toxic baggage that can negatively affect your ability to move on and experience all of the freedom and happiness that love can offer. In fact, by carrying the energy of your past, you are often doomed to repeat it. If you are ready to break cycles, heal your heart, and move forward with love this program is for you!

This 5 step program is for anyone who still feels they may be negatively connected to their ex and/or past lovers. The steps provide you a healthy space to grieve and move into acceptance that the relationship is over. There are powerful rituals and a forgiveness process that will leave you feeling purified and liberated from your past. This program will help you to use your breakup to have a personal breakthrough where you will reclaim your strength, confidence, and self love.

We also cover topics like what to do if you share children with your ex, how to handle an ex at the workplace, and if it's possible to be friends with your ex. When you are ready, we discuss how to move forward without continuing the same cycles so that you can create a more fulfilling life and attract a healthier romance.

Crystal's program uses all of the elements (earth, fire, water, air, spirit) providing you a balanced and true healing. There are suggestions on how to use the cycles of the moon to support your releasing and healing even further. Using time honored and proven mystical tools, you will be able to free yourself from your past and shine like a diamond! Are you ready for your breakthrough?


Not only will you receive this life changing 5 step program to release your ex, but you will have access to an online community where you will benefit from ongoing support from Crystal herself.

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