What Would Angels Do?

Archangels know how to make things happen! They work hard at their jobs and they cannot be distracted from their mission. They are committed to helping us become successful, and they tirelessly do everything in their power to help us fulfill our life's purpose. By learning about the 15 Archangels featured in this book, you will have a better understanding of how you can do what they would do if they were in human form. When we do what angels would do, we become a part of a heavenly team who is committed t the betterment of the world. Are you ready to join the 15? Perhaps after all this time YOU are the one you've been waiting for!

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Watch Me Rise

Watch Me Rise is the workbook that accompanies Crystal Doty's “What Would Angels Do?” It is for anyone who wants to make a change in their lives by improving their mind state and then take action based on new healthy insights. Through the art of inquiry, Crystal asks powerful questions designed to uncover the areas of your life in which you may be settling, denying, or not growing in. To know thyself is to know thy power. When you are willing to look deep into yourself and cultivate these areas, big change happens. You do become more like the angels! This is a journey to enlighten and inspire you to live your best life- one where you can easily rise above the negativity, drama, addictions, and distractions. One where you can create every day to be like heaven on earth!

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Modern Mystic Tarot


Crystal is in the process of printing and distributing her own deck of Tarot cards called The Modern Mystic Tarot which features updated modern messages, symbols, and pictures that are relevant to our generation. Currently, she uses this deck on her social media readings and personal readings with amazing clarity and success! She can't wait to get these into your hands!

Book & Workshop


The Modern Mystic Tarot system is an evolved version of a very beautiful and ancient art of Tarot. Crystal will be teaching a course on how to use her deck to the fullest extent!

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A very common question Crystal receives is "where did you get that?" So, she now has an Amazon shop! Popular items include tarot and oracle cards, books,  health supplements, workout equipment, crystals and magical tools, clothes, jewelry and more! Enjoy shopping with a real modern mystic!

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