Readings With Crystal

As an intuitive Crystal can see, hear, feel, and communicate telepathically with the angelic realm. She acts as a go-between so that clear communication can happen with you and your angels. Angels give practical, easy to follow, step by step guidance that cover various topics from day to day issues, relationships, health, money, and your life's purpose. You may also receive "angel homework" or "angel assignments" to assist you on your way. Crystal uses her own tarot deck that she created called The Modern Mystic Tarot during your reading along with any other decks she is inspired to consult with.

All readings are done over the phone. Make sure you put the phone number you want her to call you in your sign up form.

*Clients who live outside of the US- there are special instructions in the signup form. Your reading will be done through Facebook Messenger. 


Readings with Crystal do not replace professional services such as legal, medical, or psychological advice. Crystal is NOT RESPONSIBLE for the decisions you make after your consultation. Please continue to use your own intuition and common sense when it comes to making decisions for your life. Crystal has the right to refuse service to clients who are abusive or if she feels too many readings are being scheduled in a short time frame. There are no refunds after readings have been done. Readings are for entertainment purposes only. Thank you, enjoy your reading!


1 hour    $140

1/2 hour $60

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